Astro Botanicals are Giant Inflatable Lamps.
They’re Fun, Beautiful, and Bright!

They’re soft and interactive and they change colors.
Geometric Spiral Flowers create a Magical Environment.

Enormous Hypnotic Rainbow Plants activate Imagination and Deep Consciousness.

Fairy tale forests and ornamental architecture come together in magical sacred flower lamps.


These Guardian Dragons are symbols of Spirit, Strength and Intelligence.
Magical velveteen dragons are very protective and empowering.

High quality sculptural creatures create safe space and promote symbiotic awareness. They are complex and reassuring in their symmetry and peaceful nature. These toys promote creative play and encourage cooperation.


Amflipians are playful reversible plush toys that turn inside out through their mouths! Transform one into another instantly!

Green Frogs, Purple Salamanders, Red Lizards, Blue Whales, Green Chameleons, and Lavender Snails!

They are bright happy magic creatures made of high quality fleece, with polyester stuffing and plastic safety eyes.

O Yeah Toys

All O Yeah Toys products are original creations hand crafted in California.
These toys encourage creative play and cooperation. They are about sharing the beauty of Nature, creating safe space for child like discovery, and promoting consciousness and Love of Earth. Peace, Justice, and empowering the child’s experience are vital and interconnected.