Astro Botanicals

Astro Botanicals are giant inflatable space plants.

They are angelic garden lights, extra celestial moon ornaments, and magical lamp posts. Beautiful alien artichokes, pine cones, asparagus, magnolia flowers, and lotus blossoms. Giant flowers make you feel like a child in a fairy tale forest. They promote the pollenator’s perspective, of a hummingbird, or butterfly, or honey bee.

Three varieties of Astro Botanicals are currently available.
Dragon Lotus, Magnolia Starship, & Angelic Asparagus

Forest Cathedral

Angelic Asparagus

Dragon Lotus

Magnolia Starship

Dragon Lotus


The Dragon Lotus is a perfect five sided flower bud with 30 points. It is the smallest of the inflatable flower lamps, and is like an artichoke or a dragon fruit. This hypnotic, angelic, glowing lotus bud is nine feet tall, and seven feet wide.

• 9 feet tall, 7 feet wide.

• 5 sided, 30 points, round base.




Magnolia Starship


The Magnolia Starship is a taller lotus form, with five legs and doorways. Underneath it is a magical place to gaze up at the beautiful geometries and the color changing light. A single clear belly window shows its interior structure. It is a small meditative play house, a focalizing and harmonizing lamp post, starfish castle, and imaginary spaceship.

• 11 feet tall, 8 feet wide.

• 5 sided, 25 points, curly tops, 5 legs, 5 doorways, belly window.

• Sitting space under this lamp.




Angelic Asparagus

The Angelic Asparagus are a group of four trees that sprout up like cathedral pillars, spreading their glowing branches like living plants. They are dragon spire stalagmites in the sacred space forest. Inspired by stone Corynthian capitals, with the plant shape for the whole pillar instead of just at the top. Perfect for orienting large spaces and framing entry ways.

• Three trees connected to one larger central tree.
• 15 feet tall, 10 feet wide.
• Four, narrow, three-sided trees



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